What is this?


A Podcast for Cosplayers! Okay, here’s the intro shpeal:

Welcome to the “Behind the Cosplay” Podcast Series – featuring yours truly, Asuma Jon.

We interview YOU the Cosplayers, because underneath every Cosplay, there’s a story.

This is not only Cosplay, this is “Behind The Cosplay”

Where can it be found?

This site obviously! But furthermore, we’re registered on iTunes Podcast.

So if you use that, subscribe that way! Also, here’s the Feedburner direct link!


Who am I?

I’m Asuma Jon! At least that’s my handle/cosplay name/alias or whatever.

You could call me ‘Jon’ if the whole Asuma thing scares you … ehhh.

You can find all of me at AsumaJon.com – (Go ‘Like’ my facebook page so it improves my ego).


Why am I doing this?

Why not? I love Cosplay, and I love meeting people and talking to them apparently. So let’s share passions!

This gives newcomers and veterans alike a platform to speak ‘frankly’ on about what they feel about Cosplay and more about

themselves – you know – the true ‘Heroes of Cosplay’! (Hey, is that show any good?)

How do I get involved?

Oh man, SUPER EASY! Best way? Shoot me a message on Facebook or AsumaJon.com and let me know you’re interested!

You’ll need: Skype Audio and … a decent personality? I think that’s about it!

Direct Email?

Oh yes. Here it is!
(What a surprise)

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